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2/21/2013 - Las Vegas Mayor's Cup International Youth Soccer Showcase 2013
The Vardar U15 Girls (Red) team competed at the Las Vegas Mayorís Cup Showcase 2013 on Presidents Day weekend; the girls worked hard, played smart, played two games short sided (10 v 11), played all games without subs, dug down deep and did what nobody at the tournament expected. They won the event and brought home the Championship Cup and the respect of all the teams they played and tournament organizers. The girls have made Mike, myself, the parents and Vardar Soccer Cup very proud. With only eight girls from our team (Emily Artzberger, Kristin Hansel, Emily Parker, Karina Parker, Sarah Pieciak, Caitlin Richardson, Georgeanne Verbeek and Carolyn Zhou) and three guest players from Next Level Empire (Clarissa Ancira, Ashley Marshall, Stephanie Nava) we powered through and won. In the first two games we played 10 v 11 and beat Diamond Bar Legacy Glory 2-0 and tied Heat FC 98 MB 0-0 (missed a penalty kick). In the next game we played 11 v 11 (no subs) and beat Las Vegas Neon 98 6-0 and choose to skip the tie breaker shootout with Heat FC 98 MB and finished second place in Bracket 2. In the semi-final game we played 11 v 11 (no subs) and beat Coastal Delta Selects 1-0 to advance to the championship game. As in the previous two games we played 11 v 11 (no subs) against Heat FC 98 MB and beat them 2-1 on set plays. We played smart, took a beating, defended our half of the field and made the best of our set play opportunities from corner kicks and free kicks (we got a lot of them). Some of the teams we played wrote us off before we took the pitch because we had so few girls; but they found out that when our girls play to their full potential we can do wonderful things. Our girls have made three new friends in Las Vegas with Clarissa, Ashley and Stephanie from Next Level Empire and they are an integral part of our winning team at this event. The girls enjoyed playing together, and both the girls and their parents represented how soccer should be played and how Vardar plays the game. I donít think I have ever seen Mike with such a big smile and he was so proud of the girls. I know that I am proud the girls and what they have accomplished. Mike and I are also grateful for all the support from our Vardar parents that attended the event; you represented our team and the club at its finest. Congratulation girls!

10/30/2012 - Vardar Annual Girls Banquet
Mark your calendars for the Vardar Annual Girls Banquet, Monday November 5th. Doors open at 6 PM and the banquet starts promptly at 6:30 PM. The banquet is held at San Marino Club at 1685 E. Big Beaver, Troy, MI 48083.

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# Date
1 8/17/2012 Canton Celtic 98 Black -
2 8/18/2012 Michigan Jaguars 98 Girls Green -
3 8/19/2012 WAZA FC East 98 Royal -
4 8/25/2012 TNT Dynamite 98 0 - 1 L
5 9/10/2012 Force FC 97/98 Purple 1 - 1 T
6 9/12/2012 Michigan Rush Northville 98G 0 - 2 L
7 9/14/2012 Gators FC 98 Orange 0 - 1 L
8 9/15/2012 Alliance 98 Black 4 - 0 W
9 9/16/2012 Vardar North 0 - 4 L
10 9/29/2012 TKO 0 - 6 L
11 10/3/2012 Waza FC East Royal 1 - 1 T
12 10/7/2012 GR Crew Gold 1 - 5 L
13 10/17/2012 Michigan Rush Northville 98G 3 - 2 W
14 10/19/2012 MI Alliance 1 - 3 L
15 10/26/2012 Chill SBC 98G Blue 1 - 2 L
16 2/16/2013 Diamond Bar Legacy Glory 2 - 0 W
17 2/16/2013 Heat FC 98 MB 0 - 0 T
18 2/17/2013 Las Vegas Neon 98 Neon 6 - 0 W
19 2/17/2013 Coastal Delta Selects 1 - 0 W
20 2/18/2013 Heat FC 98 MB 2 - 1 W


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